Therapist, Therapy, San Francisco, SF, Berkeley, Oakland, East Bay, Bay Area
Psychotherapy to nourish the self
Therapist, Therapy, San Francisco, SF, Berkeley, Oakland, East Bay, Bay Area

To Myself

Even when I forget you
I go on looking for you
I believe I would know you who are not lost
when I do not find you

- W.S. Merwin


Thank you for your interest. In the complexity of our modern lives, we can feel as though we have lost touch with something essential and invigorating in ourselves. I see psychotherapy as a natural response to life’s inevitable disappointments and difficulties and as an opportunity to rekindle a more intimate and fulfilling relationship to self, the home that we all long to return to.

As a therapist, I provide individuals and couples with a thoughtful, warm and discerning presence with which to explore the inner landscape of their lives and to identify and address obstacles that prevent them from engaging life, relationships and work more fully.

Life may provide only a few relationships within which we can commit to an honest and thorough encounter with our selves. The ones provided – work and love relationships – may feel too unsafe to learn from or too important to risk. Together with my clients, I am committed to creating such a safe, supportive and collaborative relationship from which they can begin, or continue, their life-long journey of self-discovery – and self-creation.

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